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Sevelyn is an online therapy platform for the Latino community. We connect patients with Latin American psychology professionals who understand Latino culture, values, and needs.

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Latinos are one of the fastest growing communities in the United States, accounting for 52% of the total US population growth over the past decade.[1] But still, they face adversity when it comes to accessing quality and affordable services. Language, cultural understanding, and cost are some of the largest barriers that affect the community. Sevelyn bridges the gap between Latinos and mental health services to address these barriers without sacrificing quality.





Our mission is create a network of mental health care providers from across the Spanish-speaking world. We carefully vet all of the care providers in our network to insure that they are experienced and familiar with the cultural nuances of their country.


We recruit care providers only from Spanish-speaking countries. Our providers are largely from South and Central America and are guaranteed to be fluent Spanish speakers.


Creating an account with Sevelyn is completely free! You won't be charged anything until a consultation is arranged for you. You will pay only $50 per session when you speak with a provider, no insurance needed!

FREE Informational Meeting

Worried you won’t like your Therapist? No worries! In addition to the brief introduction video you’ll get from the therapist you are matched with, we offer a FREE 45-minute session with each therapist to ensure you find the right one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sevelyn is an online therapy platform for the Latino community. We connect our care seekers with Latin American mental health professionals who understand Latino culture, values, and needs.

Our Therapy Partners are licensed and tenured mental health professionals in Latin America who are active practitioners. These professionals hold professional licenses, doctorates, and master degrees in Mental Health specialties to cover and treat many areas of the spectrum. To be Sevelyn providers, they are submitted to a rigorous application and vetting process to ensure you are talking to the most qualified mental health providers in the industry.

Teletherapy and the services Sevelyn provides may be right for you, if you are looking to improve your overall well being and quality of life. When something interferes with your happiness or prevents you from reaching your goals, we can help. We have mental health providers who specialize in stress, anxiety, relationships, parenting, depression, addictions, eating, sleep, trauma, immigration trauma, anger, family conflicts, LGBT issues, grief, religion, self-esteem and much more.

Once you’ve set an account, submitted a request for an appointment and paid for those services, you will receive an email confirmation containing payment receipt and appointment details within 24 hours of your submission. Please allow extra time for submissions done on weekends and holidays. Please send us a message via our Contact Us page should you need additional assistance.

To have a successful session, you will need a stable high-speed Internet connection and a device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone that can connect to the Internet.


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