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Sevelyn is devoted to the health and safety of our care seekers and the sustenance of our network of therapists and mental health professionals.

¡Permítenos ayudarte!

Carlos Argüello
Founder & CEO

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An individual sits at home and talks with their mental health professional through web-based video conferencing.

Welcome to Sevelyn, the online therapy platform designed to bring quality mental health services to the Latino community by connecting them to professionals whose specialties are tailored to fit their needs.

We built Sevelyn to bridge the gap between Latinos and mental health services. Due to language barriers, cultural differences, and affordability, Latinos are less likely to seek help from a mental health professional. At Sevelyn, we understand that finding the right therapist is hard, and we want to change this by connecting care-seekers to mental health professionals who can knowledgeably navigate Latino culture, values, and needs.

We chose “permítenos ayudarte” (“allow us to help,” in English) as our guiding principle because of our deep commitment to the U.S. Latino community. With the stigmas around mental health held in the Latino culture, “getting help” is something that is taboo or frowned upon. In saying “Allow us to help you,” we are fighting against these taboos and stigmas, affirming that people should not be afraid to seek help.

To Latinos, we say, “if you are struggling, exhausted, frustrated, or hurting in any way, it’s our commitment to you that we will fight for you.”

What is Sevelyn
Sevelyn is an online marketplace bridging the gap Latinos in the US face when seeking mental health services. Through our platform Latinos are able to connect with vetted, mental health providers in Latin American, who understand the language, culture, and everyday life challenges Latinos face.
Our Mission
Our mission is to reduce the disparity Latinos face in behavioral health today and increase their equity of access. By providing access to mental health professionals who understand the Latino culture, language, beliefs, and daily mental health challenges, we will eliminate the inaccessibility gaps that exist in this area and the stigmas associated with seeking mental health counseling.
Our team is committed to your health and safety

Meet Us

Carlos Argüello, CEO of Sevelyn
Carlos Argüello
Uriel Olivas, Sevelyn Director of Operations
Uriel Olivas
Director of Operations
Jesús Mora, Sevelyn Chief Psychologist - Latin America
Jesús Mora
Chief Psychologist - Latin America
Brian Tait, Sevelyn Technology Advisor
Brian Tait
Technology Advisor